Image manipulation week 02 assignment

After being cropped
The original picture after cropped.
Edited image

  • Downloaded the original pictures form the website and opened them in the Adobe Photoshop CS2 software.


  • Used the Selection tool to select the needed area of the 2nd (the small picture of the guitarist)and then used the Inverse command from the Selection menu to inverse the selection and then used the delete key of the keyboard to delete the inverted selection.

            To get to the inverse selection menu command:
                    Select > Inverse

            Or the key board command: Shift+Ctrl+I 

  • Now you should have the desired selection remained.
  • Then to adjust the colors of the cropped image, I used the tool called Color Balance. From here you can adjust colors at various states.

             To get to the Color Balance menu window:

                    Image > Adjustments> Color Balance

            Or the key board command: Ctrl + B 

  • To add text to the image, I used the text tool in Adobe Photoshop. To get the text tool you should click on the T letter on your toolbar, or you can use the key board command just press 'T ' on your key board.

The link for the The original image To get to the Final image after editing completely