Image manipulation week 03
the original low resolution picture The Original picture taken from Everything was done using Adobe Photoshop CS 2 software.
Sepia tone Sepia Tone
1.) First go to the menu,
  Image > Adjustments > Gradient Map

2.) From this menu select the black and white gradient and then press OK.

Now you should have the black and white picture.

3.) Now to get the sepia tone,

  Image > Adjustments > Curves

In this window from the drop down menu Channel select the Red and adjust the curve as you like to get the sepia tone.
One Color -  Green One Color -  Green
Repeat the 1st and the 2nd step as you did in the above picture.

When you go to the 3rd step instead of selecting the Red channel select the Green channel to get the green effect.
Tones corrected Tones corrected
On this one i did some tonal corrections.
To adjuct the tones i used the Curves as in above pictures.

To get to the Curves,

Image > Adjustments > Curves

From here for the channel i selected all 3 channels (selected RGB) and adjusted the curve as i preferred to get this picture.

Black n White Background Black n White Background
To get this effect,

First go to the menu,

Image > Adjustments > Channel Mixer

Then from the small window you get click on the check box Monochrome. Now you should get a black and white picture.

Now to blur the picture go to the menu,

Filter > Blur > Lens Blur

Adjust the settings as you prefer to get the filter effect and press ok.

Now from the toolbar select the tool called the History Brush. Then use that tool and paint on top of every where on your picture where you want to be replaced to the original state.